Beginner’s Guide to Gold Teeth

It turns out ancient Egyptians having gold teeth might be fake news, but regardless, the practice of using gold in dentistry does go back to ancient civilizations. Gold has long been used for dental work like fillings and caps. There are both practical and cosmetic reasons for using gold. Whether you’re looking for permanent gold teeth or gold grills, you probably have a lot of questions. Let’s cover the basics.

Permanent or Temporary? That is the question.

Should I get permanent gold teeth or removable gold teeth? One of the biggest factors here is the cost. A single gold crown for a tooth can easily run you over $1000 at the dentist. If you’re looking for more than one tooth, that can get really expensive. The price will also go up depending on what karat gold you want. Another consideration is the practicality.

If you go to the dentist and get a gold tooth implant, it’s usually attached surgically to a titanium post and functions much like a real tooth. Getting a gold crown will allow normal tooth function as well, but may cause be temperature sensitive.

Grills for teeth or fronts as they are sometimes called give to you flexibility to change up your style any time you’d like. They are also less expensive than permanent gold dental work. Cheap custom grillz can be just a fraction of the cost and even top of the line iced custom grillz are still usually more economical.

The cons of gold grills are that they require more maintenance and cannot be worn around the clock. You need to take care to clean them properly, use good hygiene, and remove them while eating, smoking, or sleeping.

What's the best Karat for gold teeth?

You might see a gold grill listed anywhere from 10K – 24K. Unlike carats, which are a weight measurement, karats measure the purity of gold with 10k being the least pure and 24k being completely pure. The more pure the better, right? Not necessarily.

While 24k pure gold teeth are the most lustrous and will not tarnish, they are also delicate. Pure gold is a soft metal and bends easily and does hold up to daily wear. Other karats of gold are alloys that contain additional metals to provide strength and durability. That means that 10k is the strongest and most affordable because it has the least amount of gold, but is also the most vulnerable to taint and the less shiny than higher karats.

Solid middle tier options are 14k and 18k gold grillz. 14k gold is over 50% gold, so it has a nice shine but it’s still durable. If that glint of gold is your biggest concern, spending extra dollars for 18k is your best option. Because it’s 75% gold, it’s not as sturdy as 14k. The trade is that it is bright and does not tarnish very easily.

Whether you’re looking for a single gold cap, rose gold vampire fangs, or deep cut custom grillz, Bling Cartel is your source for quality gold grillz. Drop us a line or give us a call any time to get advice on gold teeth or shopping assistance.