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Custom Grillz


Real Gold Grillz
Want real gold custom grillz? Check out our affordable 10k & 14k solid gold grillz.

Gold Plated Grillz
On a budget? We also offer plated grillz for the gold look, at a fraction of the cost.

Real Silver Grillz
For those that prefer silver, we offer solid silver grillz, crafted with 925 sterling silver.

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No extra charge for our do-it-yourself mold kits. Free kit with every purchase.

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Do you like free? We got you covered with 100% free shipping in the USA.

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We ship 7-10 days from receiving your mold, so you can start flexin your grillz fast.

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Save money with our handcrafted custom grillz starting at just $100 bucks.

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Custom Grillz Pricing


[925 Sterling Silver = $25/per tooth]

925 STERLING SILVER is an excellent material for grillz, is incredibly durable, hypoallergenic, and is one of the most blingiest materials known to man.

[10K Solid Gold = $45/per tooth]

10K GOLD is a popular option for gold grillz. 10K solid gold is quite durable because it has a higher percentage of tougher metals in the alloy than 14k gold, and it is more resistant to scratching and scuffing.

[14K Solid Gold = $75/per tooth]

14K GOLD has a higher gold purity than 10K gold, therefore it is more stunning with brighter colors, and is a desirable option for those that want more bling for their buck.

[Yellow Gold /Rose Gold Plating = $10/flat]

GOLD PLATED over 925 sterling silver is a good choice if you are going for the gold grillz look, but don't want the higher expense of a solid gold grill. With gold plated grillz, a thin layer of gold is applied over 925 sterling silver metal.

[Deep-Cut Perm Style = $20/flat]

DEEP-CUT perm style option is for the grillz to be cut deeply with more definition between the grillz teeth, so achieve the permanent grillz look.

[Fang Extensions = $15/pr]

FANG EXTENSIONS are for the tooth to be made longer than a regular tooth and more pointed, for a custom vampire fang look.