Where to Buy Diamond Dust Grillz

With over 100 products featuring diamond dust, Bling Cartel is your best source for diamond dust grillz and caps. These products are trending among those looking for a refined shine instead of classic gangsta looks. Not just for hip-hop rappers, these elegant fronts are being sported by all sorts of superstars and today’s youth alike.

What are diamond dust grillz?

You might assume that diamond dust is small diamond particles encrusted on the grill, but this is not the case. These types of grillz do not contain actual diamonds. If you’ve been worried about potential health hazards from dust particles you have nothing to fear.

So, what is diamond dust on grillz? It actually refers to tiny notches and grooves on the surface of the grill that gives it a shiny brilliance like the sparkle from crushed diamonds. If you’re looking for that diamond shape instead of dust, diamond-cut is another popular style to give your grill some added luster.

To sum up, diamond-cuts are large crisscross cuts to give the impression of diamond like shapes while diamond dust is composed of very small etchings that evoke the look of hundreds of tiny gems. For double impact, try a grill with both like this Real 10K Gold Dust Diamond-Cut Custom Fang Grillz.

What styles do diamond dust grillz come in?

There is a wide variety of styles to choose from. In order to get that iced look, many people choose light colored options such as Sterling Silver Diamond Dust Grillz or even a White Gold Full Diamond Dust Cap.

For a less traditional approach, stand out with Solid Gold Diamond Dust Grillz, and if you’re looking to be truly unique, you might even consider 2 tone diamond dust grillz.

We’re confident you’ll find the perfect style to match your unique appeal in our large inventory of diamond cut grillz. If you need help finding the right grill, contact us for exceptional advice. Also, we love feedback so don’t forget to share your grill rocking pics on Facebook or Instagram!