What is Hip Hop Jewelry?

Hip hop jewelry is a relatively new form of jewelry considered a status symbol of wealth and prestige. Many hip-hop artists love to adorn themselves in glitzy jewelry to symbolize and celebrate their journey to success. Hip hop is available in many forms, including pendants, custom grillz, watches, rings, earrings, chains, and more.

This specific jewelry made its first appearance in the early 80s. At that time, gold was the only standard color and material used for most jewelry. But in the 90s, the artists Jay-Z and P. Diddy changed this concept and brought a new concept of platinum jewelry where silver, diamonds, and white gold became the fashion. 

Soon after, teeth grillz and hip hop jewelry in general became popularized with the explosion of  hip hop music and rap culture.  Jewelry encrusted in diamonds became a must-have, including teeth grillz as a way to cover teeth with gold and diamonds.

Today, many people wear custom grillz because they are a status symbol. Since the advent of the internet, grillz can now be easily purchase online. Real grillz are handmade from a mold impression of the teeth, for a perfect personalized fit. 

Types of Hip Hop Jewelry

Below are the three most famous types of hip hop jewelry:

You can't watch a music video without seeing hip hop chains dazzling on the screen. Hip hop chains are necklaces that are usually but not always encrusted with diamonds. The chains can be in gold, silver or platinum and range from 16" inches in length too 36" inches or longer. 

One of the most famous and centerpiece of hip-hop jewelry is a pendant. This type of hip hop catches the most attention because pendants are attractive and set right at the center of your body. They are available in various styles & sizes. 

Grillz have become a fashion rage in hip-hop culture because they’re luxurious and give people a fantastic way of showing off their wealth and status. If you are not a millionaire celebrity (yet) and worry that you can't afford real grillz, think again. Mouth jewelry today is affordable, especially sterling silver teeth grillz. 

In the early 80s, grills were available only in gold. But today, they come in silver, gold, and other precious metals and can even be flooded in diamonds. If you love eye-catching hip hop inspired jewelry, go for custom grillz because they are the ultimate statement piece to express your bold attitude.