What Grillz Are Hot for 2021?

It’s a brand new year with fresh new styles and trends. So, what’s the fashion-trend prediction for 2021 when it comes to accessorizing your mouth? Two words: Open Face. No, we’re not talking sandwiches here. We’re talking about a style of grill that is famous for it’s subtle and understated form of bling.

What is an open face grill?

Open face grills are like trim for your teeth. They outline the shape of your teeth while letting the natural beauty of your smile come through. Instead of hiding your teeth behind a full grill, open face grillz let you show off the shine factor of your mouth jewelry while letting people see your actual teeth for the perfect harmony of style and your uniqueness.

You can choose to frame your teeth in a traditional open face style like this open face fang set, but there are more open face options available now that ever before. Consider trying this gold notched curved set or this half teeth slim bar set to seize a modern 2021 take on open face grillz.

Aren’t open face grillz old news?

The open face style really hit the scene big in 2019, but that doesn’t mean it is going out of style any time soon. Social restrictions and masks prevented a lot of people from being able to show off their new grills in 2020 and they are eager to flash them in 2021.

The more subtle and delicate nature of open face grillz make them a perfect accessory to wear during your Zoom calls without being too much of a distraction. Plus, the open face style tends to be more hygienic, which is in the forefront of our minds today. This makes the open face grill a big winner for 2021, especially as we are adapting to the new normal.

Why wait? Try an open face grill as a step up from caps or as an alternative to solid grillz and be on track to slay 2021.