Wearing Silver Custom Grillz

There is undeniably a certain amount of style and flash that goes along with wearing a grill. For many, that means flaunting some serious gold to draw blatant attention to all that glittering goodness. While gold may be the standard, it is not always the most appropriate choice. Sometimes you're looking for a more low-key type of brilliance or something that blends better with your overall style or outfit. Silver grillz are the ultimate solution for this type of situation.

Silver grillz go with virtually any outfit, dress, or costume. They also come in all the same styles you love in gold such as diamond dust, diamond cut, fangs, and open face. Silver still delivers that touch of bling you need for your everyday casual look or even for a special occasion. The versatility and timeless elegance of silver is both glamorous and sophisticated.

Having quality silver teeth grills, especially custom fit, is a staple in hip-hop accessories. This precious metal will give your mouth that shiny lustrous look that has been captured so well by modern celebrities. You don't need to go high budget to look high profile. Real .925 Sterling Silver custom grills are a budget friendly way to achieve a wealthy look.

We offer many styles of silver custom grillz that are made of real .925 Sterling Silver. Consisting of 92.5% silver and 7.5% alloy, Sterling silver is both beautiful and strong. It's a great choice if you're looking for a mouth piece that's more durable and scratch resistant than gold grillz.

Our custom silver grillz are 100% handmade in the USA to guarantee a perfect fit for your unique mouth. These removable grillz are comfortable, dependable and are crafted with superior workmanship. When you shop Bling Cartel, you get the assurance of having a dazzling grillz, made from safe materials, all at an affordable price.