Pre-Made Grillz – The Good, the Bad, and the Bling

If you’re brand new to grillz, it can be hard to figure out what your first purchase should be. Many people find themselves checking out pre-made grillz as a way to ease into the grill lifestyle. Pre-made grillz are also an economical option if you’re shopping for a limited use like a special occasion or to complete a costume.

What Are Pre-Made Grillz?

Pre-Made grillz come in one size that is pre-made to fit most adult teeth. There are quite a few benefits to choosing a pre-made grill. They are quick and easy to fit, so you can rock a new look in about five minutes. They are also very affordable. This can be an inexpensive way to dip your toes in the water without a large financial commitment if you’ve never used a grill before. Not only that, but it’s also an affordable way to try out many different styles and looks.

Do Pre-Made Grillz Hurt Your Teeth?

Sometimes, pre-made grillz get a bad reputation for causing dental problems. It’s true that using poor quality grillz or using them improperly can cause issues with your teeth or gums. We care about your mouth at Bling Cartel, so we have some tips to keep you safe if you’re in the pre-made grill market.

First of all, never skimp on quality. A cheap grill can cost you a lot of money in dental bills, so do some research. One of the most important factors is the material used. Materials like tin, nickel and lead can be bad for your health or cause allergic reactions. You’ll want to look for pre-made grills made from quality materials like the ones we offer at Bling Cartel. Our pre-made grillz are nickel and lead-free, so they are safe to wear in your mouth.

Secondly, make sure you follow best practices and guidelines for safe grill use. Do not eat, drink, or smoke with your pre-made grill on. Grillz are not recommended for continuous use, so don’t wear them all day. You also should not sleep with your grill or wear in situations where you may grind your teeth excessively. Listen to your body. If you experience any discomfort while wearing a grill, you should discontinue use.

Will the Grillz Fit My Teeth?

Our pre-made grillz are designed to fit most adult teeth. In fact, about 99% over our customers have no problem with the fit of pre-made grillz. However, not everyone has the same mouth. If your pre-made grill is a bad or uncomfortable fit for your teeth and mouth, do not wear it. Grillz that are too big or that don’t fit properly can rub against your mouth or gums causing irritation, which can lead to cuts or infections. While pre-made grillz are a good fit for most people, if you find yourself in the minority, you may want to consider purchasing a custom fit grill so that you can look great while keeping your mouth healthy.