How To Make Gold Grillz In 2022

Wondering how to make gold grillz? Check out this detailed guide of the creation process from start to finish.

Maybe it's the way they light up a room or the way they add an air of sophistication to any outfit. If you're thinking about getting gold grillz for yourself, you're probably wondering how they are made. This step-by-step guide will show you everything you need to know about how to make gold grillz. 


Why We Love Gold Grillz 


Grillz have long been a facet of human culture and fashion. Archeologists have discovered evidence of gold teeth in human skulls that date back to 200 BC. 


In the 1980s, rappers emerged into the spotlight and changed how we think about fashion. These superstars were bedazzled in stunning chains, rings, and bracelets reminiscent of royalty. 


But there was one new kind of accessory that became popular in the 1980's - gold grillz. Atlanta rappers like Raheem the Dream and Eddie Plein made gold grillz hot, paving the way for OutKast, Lil Jon, Ying Yang Twins, and Ludacris to show off their own gold grillz in the 1990s and early 2000s. Nelly's 2005 hit song "Grillz" was a long-time anthem celebrating America's love of gold and diamond-studded teeth. 


Since then, grillz have become a fashion statement across American culture. Ryan Lochte, a 2012 Olympic swimmer, started rocking grillz to his competitions. DJ Khaled made the infamous 2015 "Gold Slugs" song with Chris Brown, Fetty Wap, and August Alsina that assured the world how sexy it is to wear grillz. 


You've likely seen grillz on celebrities like Cara Delevigne, Rihanna, and Rita Ora carrying on the tradition of wearing grillz into this decade. From silver grillz to completely iced out grillz, there have been a lot of styles over the years. 


But one classic style will always be in fashion - gold grillz. So here's how to make gold grillz that add real bling to your smile. (Be warned, the process is best left to professional craftsmen). 


How to Make Gold Grillz


Dental Impressions 


The first step is to create a mold of the customer's teeth. This can be done either by taking an impression or scanning the teeth. You'll want a mold of either the top or bottom teeth in your mouth, depending on where you plan to wear the grillz. 


You can go to a dentist, or you can order your own mold kit and make your impressions at your home. When taking the impressions, use even pressure and avoid trapping air bubbles as they can cause problems down the road. It's crucial to get this step correct since this is how the grillz will be made to fit your teeth. If your impressions are not the right size, your grill won't fit your teeth properly and may cause discomfort or fall out of your mouth. 


Once the impression is created, pack it securely in a box and mail it to a professional craftsman who will make your custom grillz. 


Making the Mold 


Molding is a process that involves making an imprint of your teeth. To do so, you'll send your dental impressions off to a professional craftsman who will make the grill. The craftsman begins by drizzling dye stone into the impression of your teeth. This creates the actual mold that will be used to create the grill. 


Then, a vibrating machine is pressed against the impression while the stone dye is poured inside the mold. The vibrating machine moves the dye around to evenly distribute the liquid throughout the impression. This prevents any holes or bubbles from forming. 


Casting the Custom Mold 


Now, you have the base for making an incredible set of grillz. First, wax lining is cast through mold by softening a thick plastic sheet and then cutting it into the desired shape. Next, wax tubes are added to both sides of the plastic sheet. This is where the gold is injected. The plastic is encased in wax and heated. Once it becomes solid, the plastic is removed, and it's time to add the gold. 


Pouring the Gold 


Here is where your grillz really start to look incredible. The next step is to add melted gold into the wax tubes. Once the gold is added, the casting is added into a centrifuge. The centrifuge spins the gold throughout the casting to spread evenly, removing any air bubbles. Finally, remove the grill from its casting and cut off any excess gold by shaving it down to make it smooth. 


Clean & Polish 

Finally, it's time to clean up any excess casting material and polish it off. The grillz are polished using a wheel and wax material to buff them to shine. The grill is polished dozens of times to brighten its shine. At last - your custom grill is ready to be shipped straight to you! 


How to Make Gold Grillz Last


Once you receive your custom grill, it's essential to make sure you clean it regularly with soap and water. After all, you want to make sure that anything you put into your mouth is clean and sanitary. This also ensures that your grill stays in good condition for as long as possible. 


Custom Designs 


You may want grillz that include custom bling if you're especially stylish. Stones like diamonds or rubies can be added to your grill using specialized tools and machines. There are grillz that can be made to look like you have individual gold teeth. If you're into vampires or werewolves, you can opt to have extended fangs added to your K9 teeth. If you're worried about the metal tarnishing, you can opt to get a protective coating that lasts for several months. 


No matter what kind of grill you're looking for, make sure you trust a professional to do the job. Just because you know how to make gold grillz doesn't mean you should try it at home. Low quality or knock-off grillz can cause lasting bodily harm. You want to make sure you get your grill from someone you trust so you don't cause irreversible damage to your gums or teeth. 


Now that you know all about how to make gold grillz and the history behind why we love them, it's time to get yourself a set of stunning new grillz! As the most trusted name in the industry, Bling Cartel has you covered.