How To Clean Gold Teeth Grillz - Pro Cleaning Tips For Grillz Owners

Gold grillz are indisputably one of the most gangsta hip-hop jewelry accessories you can get. Back in the day,  getting gold teeth was a relatively radical fashion choice. Nowadays, you see them everywhere, from noted celebrities to rappers and movie stars. Naturally, gold teeth grillz shine bright when they are brand new,  but once when they start losing their original brilliant luster, what can be done to bring back their radiant glory and make them shiny again? Perhaps you have a new grill and want to learn how to keep it dazzling as long as possible. Keep reading and learn how to clean gold grillz!

Why does gold tarnish anyway? To be fully accurate, pure 24K gold does not tarnish. You see, unalloyed 24K gold is too soft to make jewelry, so other metals are mixed in with the gold to harden it. When you see gold that has darkened (tarnished), this is the result of a reaction of the other metals that are mixed in, which can tarnish when exposed to cosmetics, moisture, and even oxygen.
Before starting, please note that these instructions on how to clean gold grillz are primarily for real gold, not the gold plated type. If you try to clean gold plated grillz too aggressively using this method, you may rub off the gold plated finish and expose the base metal underneath. If you still decide to use this method to clean gold plated grillz, be sure to clean it with care and very gently. If you rub off the gold plating,  the solution would be to get the grillz re-plated to bring them back to new condition. 
So,  you have a new grill and you want to keep it new looking as long as possible. Many new grillz come with a scratch-resistant coating, but as with anything that resists scratching, this will eventually wear off leaving your grill unprotected from the daily wear and tear. The best way to ensure that your new gold grillz stay as close to their original luster as possible is to try and keep them as clean as possible.

Carefully brush your new grillz regularly with a small baby-size soft bristle toothbrush. Make sure you use a soft bristle brush, as you do not want firm bristles that can scratch the delicate gold. If you wear the grillz daily, you should clean your grillz every day. This will help to remove any surface contaminants,  grime, and particles, as well as prevent the accumulation of any bacteria. Do not use toothpaste, as it is too abrasive to be used on gold grillz and not designed for jewelry cleaning. So, here are the recommended steps on how to clean gold grillz:

Daily Cleaning:
1. Get a bowl of lukewarm water and add a few drops of dish soap.
2. Drop the grill in the warm solution and let it soak for 10-15 minutes.
3. Take the grill and gently scrub it with a small soft bristle toothbrush.
4. Rinse the grill thoroughly under cold water and rinse with a soft cloth.

Let's say that you haven't been cleaning your grill regularly (like you should be) and your mouthpiece requires a more rigorous cleaning, then refer to the following method using hydrogen peroxide. It safe way to clean the jewelry and also serves as a great disinfectant. This is a very popular method, so be sure to check the following deep cleaning steps that show you how to clean gold grillz, which is an effective professional gold cleaning technique.

Deep Cleaning:
1. Get a small glass and fill it with a hydrogen peroxide solution.
2. Drop the grill in the glass and let it soak for 5-10 minutes.
3. Take the grill out of the solution and rinse it in a bowl of water. 
4. Dry with a soft cloth by gently rubbing it and bringing out the shine. 

The 4 Pillars Of Grillz Ownership

1. Maintenance 

The first obvious mistake that causes grillz to tarnish is simply to not clean them. Just like your teeth,  if you don't properly maintain them, bad things happen. If you regularly maintain your grill, you can extend its shine and life significantly.

2. Eating

You should never eat with your grillz on. Grillz are not designed for chewing food. They are mouth jewelry and should be treated as such. Unless you have permanents,  always remove your grillz before eating. Eating with grillz on will not only tarnish and dull your gold grills, but you can also bend or otherwise damage them. Not only that but eating with grillz on can pose a choking hazard if they become dislodged. 

3. Drinking

Drinking while wearing grillz is another hard no. The same hazards that apply to eating also apply to drinking with grills on. It doesn't matter whether it's just plain water or malt liquor, drinking with your grillz is never a good idea. To be safe and keep your grillz sparkly, always remember to take the grillz out of your mouth before drinking or eating. 

4. Smoking

One of the fastest ways to tarnish your grillz is to smoke with them on. It's also one of the quickest ways to cost yourself a hefty time and money investment  It doesn't matter whether you smoke tobacco or cannabis,  no smoke is good for gold teeth. With continued smoking, the gold will become heavily tarnished and difficult to clean and may even become damaged beyond repair. With that being said, the higher the gold content, the more resistant it will be to tarnish as a result of smoking. So for example, a 14K gold grill will not tarnish as fast as a 10K gold grill, because of the higher purity of gold. However, make no mistake,  the smoke will cause it to eventually tarnish.  The best practice is to remove the grillz before smoking, and ideally brush your teeth before snapping the grillz back on. Remember, if you maintain and care for your gold grillz like an investment, they will last you a long time and you will get many years of use from them. 

5. Storage

When you are not wearing your grillz it is important to keep them sealed in an airtight container so they do not tarnish. If you are not wearing your grillz, be sure to keep them in some form of container or baggie to keep them being exposed to the open air and also keep safe from any liquids which could lead to tarnishing.
Unfortunately, in some cases,  gold grillz can become so neglected and tarnished that they will still look dark and dull after cleaning them at home. It may be necessary to have a professional jeweler do a clean and polish job and they know exactly what to do in the most severe cases to restore the damaged grillz to its original condition. This also applies to gold plated grillz which would require regular re-plating as maintenance.  

Who knew that with a little effort, your grillz can stay clean and bright for longer.  By following a few easy tips, you can make your gold grillz investment last.  It's as easy as remembering MEDSS: M for Maintenance, E  for Eating, D for Drinking, S  for Smoking, and the last S for Storage.  Remember these pro tips and keep on smiling and shining!