Custom Fit Grillz – Taking Your Mouth to the Next Level

If you’ve tried out pre-made grillz and you’re ready to step up your game, Custom Fit Grillz are your new best friend. Even if you’re new to grillz, going straight to custom-fit is a wise move if you know that you have an uncommon mouth or if you crave quality accessories that you know will be your exclusive personal fit.

What Are Custom Fit Grillz?

Custom Fit grillz are made to order mouth jewelry that gives you designer style with a personal fit. The molding process ensures that your grill will be professionally designed to fit your teeth perfectly. Our custom fit grillz are the best way to get a tailor made grill without the hassle of going to the dentist. Unlike pre-made grillz, custom fit grillz aren’t one size fits most. They are one size fits you! Having a mouth piece made specifically for you brings a higher level of comfort and elevates your appearance. With these grillz, you can even get the deep-cut option emphasizing the lines between the teeth. This defined option gives you the look of a permanent grill in a removable option.

How Does the Process Work?

After ordering, you’ll quickly receive a free mold kit. This do-it-yourself kit allows you to make an impression of your teeth in the comfort of your own home. The kit comes with easy to follow instructions. You’ll bite all the way down when making your mold and hold it for a few minutes before releasing. You should end up with a mold that shows a clear imprint of your teeth and gums. All you have to do is ship the mold back to Bling Cartel, and we’ll get to work on your custom grill. Our custom grillz are handmade in the USA. Once we are finished crafting your exclusive grill, we’ll ship it to you directly. It takes about two weeks from the time we receive your mold until your grill arrives in your mailbox. Your new grill will be ready to use so you can impress your friends.

Are Custom Fit Grillz Customizable?

Yes! When ordering custom grillz from Bling Cartel, you’re able to choose the number of teeth and the position. We have a huge selection of styles to choose from and many of them custom in different finishes. You can get anything from 14k solid vampire fangs to a .925 Silver diamond cap. Are Grillz Safe? We use the finest materials in our grillz to keep you safe from toxic materials and metals you might find in grillz elsewhere. Having a custom fit lowers the risk of abrasions and irritation you might get from ill-fitting grillz, keeping your mouth healthier. Always take extra care to practice good oral hygiene when using grills to reduce food and bacteria buildup. If you use our recommendations for care, cleaning, and use, your grillz should last you a long time and be safe for your mouth.