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925 Silver Lower Grillz

925 Silver Lower Grillz
925 Silver Lower Grillz925 Silver Lower Grillz925 Silver Lower Grillz925 Silver Lower Grillz

  • Best Grillz™ bottom row six teeth grillz.
  • This piece is REAL 925 sterling silver.
  • .925 Sterling silver will never fade or rust.
  • Silicone molding bar with fitting instructions.
  • FDA approved (21 CFR 175,300) silicone.
  • Nickel and lead free - safe to wear in mouth.
  • Quick and easy to fit in about five minutes.
  • Do-it-yourself fit - no need to return mold.
  • Grillz are designed to fit most adult teeth.
  • Enjoy 100% FREE SHIPPING in USA.

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